Baptism Preparation

The Baptism Preparation program reminds parents and parents-to-be of the beauty, importance, and dignity of the Sacrament of Baptism, which bestows the grace and blessings of God on His most precious gifts – babies.
During the bustle and excitement awaiting a baby’s arrival, parents need quiet time to reflect on receiving their new baby as a child of God and prepare for the child’s journey in the Catholic faith. To that end, facilitator couples invite new parents into their homes for an evening of review and discussion.

Parishioners who participate in Baptism Preparation are asked to recommit themselves to embracing the faith and passing it on to the newest members of the Church. Contact Jen and Tim Fagan at (314)249-4423 or  for more information.

People who are baptized during RCIA

Contact Linda Doyle at 822-1347 or email

 for more information.