Welcome New Members


We Invite You To Register

New Parishioners are invited to register at the rectory office during regular business hours, Monday through Thursday, 8:30AM-4:00PM and Friday, 8:30AM-3:00PM. Registration forms are also available at the Concierge Desk located in the Gathering Space of the Church. A welcoming parishioner packet with parish information is delivered to each new parishioner by someone from the Welcoming Committee.

For more information, contact Liz at 314.295.9129 or ealexander875@gmail.com

If you would like to help welcome new members...

The Welcoming Ministry delivers welcome packets to new parishioners. This personal touch is very well received and helps promote their participation in the parish. This is a very active program as the parish is currently receiving 10-15 new families/individuals a month. The number of assigned new parishioners to committee members depends on their available time. If interested please call Liz at 314.295.9129 or ealexander875@gmail.com