Property & Buildings



The Property and Buildings Commission serves the parish, pastor, and Archdiocese to create, organize and maintain the overall plan for the management of our parish property and building needs. Through the establishment of a Property and Buildings Committee, we apply good stewardship foremost in the performance of our responsibilities. The Committee is formed to be a permanent function within the Ministry. It is not a function that works only when a building or renovation project surfaces, as happens in many parishes. Its first responsibility is to determine overall conditions including the land and building and other improvements placed thereon We manage the ongoing care and maintenance of our Parish investment. Future needs and changes of Parish services, grounds and buildings will be planned and budgeted ongoing into the overall parish plan.

The Commission/Committee is designed so that, when implemented, it can continue over time as a seamless and ongoing long life function of the parish, accountable to the Pastor and the St. Peter Pastoral Council. The organization’s purpose and functions are defined, while the participating parish members will change from time to time into the future.
Our function is to:
· Prepare and maintain a property condition survey followed by a prioritized maintenance schedule and budget for one-year and five-year implementation.
· Prepare an annual building maintenance budget for submission to the Parish Finance Committee for inclusion in the overall parish budget.
· Oversee and approve, using qualified value measures, the procurement of contracts, equipment, and fixtures needed for all approved and budgeted maintenance and building items.
· Work within approved budget guidelines responding to accountability in good stewardship.