Jefferson Avenue Proposal

Proposal to address safety concerns on St. Peter campus

St. Peter has been working for several years on a thoughtful plan to address the many issues that affect our Parish and our campus.  We started with safety issues as such relate to (i) the children in our school as we are responsible for them on a daily basis (ii) our ministries that hold meetings and events on our campus, (iii) visitors to our campus for Church and School related events, and (iv) the use of our facilities by visitors to the downtown business district.   We have worked on a variety of plans that have the safety of our school children, ministries and visitors forefront in our minds. We also want to address our needs to upgrade our facilities as St. Peter is a growing parish.

  • We absolutely recognize similar concerns from parents who have children in Kirkwood public schools and, as teachers, parents and grandparents of St. Peter school children we stand ready to help address those concerns in any way we can.  Some people might try to make these important issues about St. Peter vs. Kirkwood. Nothing could be further from the truth. This is about our focus on the safety of children and others as we view this as our responsibility; the ability to provide upgrades to our campus facilities and entering into an equitable arrangement with the City of Kirkwood for the relatively unlimited use of our Church parking lot.  We believe the City and St. Peter are working together on all of these matters.
  • It’s important to know that we are open to discussion and to hearing from all parties. We started our discussions with a PowerPoint presentation to our immediate residential neighbors and have scheduled additional presentations for the business owners located within the downtown business district along with all other interested parties.  After a lot of work over the years, we are trying to find long-term solutions to a variety of matters that will work best for both St. Peter and the City of Kirkwood.
  • We ask folks to keep an open mind and not form opinions without knowing all the facts. Too often, ideas get shot down because of misinformation and rumors (like the rumor that St. Peter is threatening to allow only parishioners to use our parking lots).  In addition to addressing safety issues on Jefferson Avenue, we hope to have a discussion with the City about a fair and equitable arrangement with them about the continued use of our parking lot for residents and visitors to Kirkwood.
  • Throughout this process, we want to avoid misinformation. We are committed to being transparent and available to anybody who wants to discuss these important issues.
  • We are proud to be a part of this community – for 185 plus years (longer than the City of Kirkwood itself has existed).  At the end of the day, whatever we can do – hopefully with the support of the City and the community – that enhances the community as a whole and aligns with our mission as a Catholic Church and School will be our top priority.
  • We invite anyone who has opinions, concerns or a point of view to come to scheduled upcoming meetings to hear our ideas.  These meetings will be held in the St. Peter School Gymnasium on August 30, 2017 at 6:30 pm and on September 6, 2017 at 6:30 pm. Entrance to the Gymnasium is on the south side of the School at the far west entrance.
  • Lastly, if you want to discuss our ideas, our Parish Council Chairperson, Geoffrey Daniels, who, along with the St. Peter Property & Building Committee and many others, is helping lead our effort, will be happy to discuss them with you.  He can be reached via email at or by cell phone at (314) 616-7700.

We welcome your input.`