Announcements & Bulletin


Soul Core Stretch and Tone
St Peter will have Soul Core classes, for free! Soul Core is a series of no-impact pilates-inspired moves while praying the  rosary.  Work out and pray at the same time: how is that for multitasking?  The classes are Wednesdays from 5:15 - 6:15 and are FREE!  Bring a yoga mat or beach towel with you to the Deutschmann room in Ursuline hall.  For more information, contact Carol at or 575-649-4328.  

Prayer Shawl Group

Attention all knitters and crocheters!

We have started a Prayer Shawl Group to support the Pastoral Visitors Ministry of St. Peter. The mission of this ministry is to reach out to the members of our Parish family who are ill, in nursing homes or lost a loved one, with prayer and support. If you are interested in being a part of the Prayer Shawl Group or have any questions please contact Karen Frome, 314-965-7975 or

If you don't knit or crochet but would like to support the group with donations of yarn or monetary donations to purchase yard for the project, please contact Karen for that information as well. 

Traveling Chalice Program
The Traveling Chalice Program is designed to pray for religious vocations. Parishioners are asked to take the chalice home and display it in a place of honor, where all throughout the week they can notice it. Parishioners will pray around the chalice every night for vocations to the priesthood and religious life. Prayers for vocations will accompany the chalice. You can choose which Mass your family would like to receive the chalice. If you are interested in signing up for a week please contact Theresa Finlay at for more information. 

Peace in Motion

Tai Chi is back! Join the Peace in Motion classes at 9:00AM on Thursday in Ursuline Hall. Just $5 a class. Learn gentle movement that clears the body of tensions, focuses the mind, and renews the spirit. 


St. Peter Pastoral Visitors

Christ told us that when we visit and comfort the sick, we also serve Him. The Pastoral Visitors in St. Peter Parish live Stewardship by visiting and praying with parishioners in long term care and assisted living facilities, as well as those recently discharged to rehabilitation facilities. Members bring these parishioners the comfort and compassion of Our Lord and continue His loving ministry today.

You may be interested in the St. Peter Pastoral Visitors ministry if:

·         You know friends or family members in our parish community who are currently in a local hospital, long term/assisted care facility, or a rehabilitation center who would welcome parish visitors and/or be included on a prayer list.

·         You feel called to be a pastoral visitor and/or prayer partner yourself.

If you have interest or questions about this service ministry, please contact Kay Komotos, 984-0054 or


Sts. Teresa & Bridget Food Pantry

On the 3rd Monday of each month, donations will be delivered to Sts. Teresa & Bridget Food Pantry. We will collect checks and cash for the purchase of additional food. Food donations are welcome anytime.

319 East Adams, Kirkwood (block and a half east of the YMCA). Please donate cans that are no larger than 30 ounces, anything larger is difficult to carry for all of us. 


Rosary for the USA
Yes, we’re praying for bishops, priests, the Supreme Court, every citizen, government officials, and all from Alabama to Wyoming! Our causes are for leadership, wisdom, humility, contrition, and honor. We pray that all of our God-given liberties will be respected and protected.

Please join your fellow parishioners every Sunday (except holidays) at 5:00 PM in The Gathering Space in church.