Meet Our Quilters!

The following article appeared in a recent edition of the Kirkwood Webster Times. Please take a minute to read it. We are always looking for more volunteers to make our load lighter. Please don’t feel that you are too inexperienced or too slow! We would dearly love to have you as part of our group!

St. Peter's Quilters Have Been In
Stitches For Over 50 Years

The St. Peter's Quilters have been quilt­ing and socializing in the rectory of St. Peter's Parish for over 50 years. They meet on Tuesday mornings and all day on Thursday.
The quilters stitch in the tradition of the quilt­ing bees of the pioneer years of this country. At that time, women joined together to make quilts to keep their families warm, and many hands made the work fast. These bees also served as a creative and social outlet for the women' of the community. They took great pride in the quilts they fashioned.
The St. Peter's group, whose ages range from the 40s to the late 80s, gathers and quilts in stewardship to their church. The quilters donate quilts to St. Peter's socials, as well as do custom work for individuals.
The profits from their endeavors have funded many items over the years, including the recent addition of a new Presider’s chair for the altar, statues for the nativity scene, and a generous contribution to the St. Peter's Building Fund.
Their unofficial leader is Theresa Koetting. She, along with her sister, Rita Koetting, assembles materials and keeps the project organized.

The St. Peter's Quilters celebrate Marcella Fletcher's 83rd birthday. Pictured, l to r: Seated, Barbara Kidwell, Madelyn Kester, Betty Medjesky, Marge Hannaken, Rita Koetting;

standing, Joy Cejka, Helen Welker, Sarah Haenni, Marcella Fletcher, Linda Waugh, lone Fromm and Theresa Koetting.
Not pictured, Jerry Kingsfield and Kay DeRigne.