Men's Prayer Groups

Men's Groups

Monday morning -- 7:00-7:45
Great Harvest Bread Company
Agenda: Cursillo prayer meeting booklet -- Same 6 questions each week (Each man completes every question and then next man around entire group)
Contact: Dan Moore  314-324-8717 or

Monday morning -- 7:00 
Agenda:  Quest (reflection of Sunday readings)
Contact: John Behl  314-965-3390; e-mail

Every other Tuesday morning - 8:15
Agenda: Cursillo prayer, update on spiritual life, and petitions
Contact: Tom Herbig 314-276-0717 or

Wednesday morning -- 7:15 (after 6:45 Mass)
St. Peter gathering area
Agenda:  Reading "Coming Down the Mountain"
Contact: Dennis Buchheit  314-822-7703 or 258-2184; e-mail 

Saturday morning -- 7:00
Agenda: Quest (reflections on Sunday's readings)
Contact: Herb Bernsen  314-965-0528 or 314-570-0273;  e-mail

Sunday Mornings - 7:00
Agenda: Quest
Contact: Steve Meyer 314-580-9200 or