Health Ministry

Blood Donor Program

When you participate in the blood donor program—whether it is through donating blood, or helping sign up donors, or helping the day of the drive—you are helping a St. Louis area hospital patient spend more time with his or her family and friends. It’s a “pay it forward” opportunity that makes a very real impact in the lives of your neighbors in your community. Click here to see the story of one of your neighbors—a little girl being treated at Cardinal Glennon Children’s Medical Center.

Blood drives are held four times per year, usually a Sunday in late February, May, August and November. You are welcomed to participate in as many, or as few as you like. To participate as a donor, the minimum requirements are: 1)be at least 17 years old (16 with parental consent); 2)be at least 110 pounds; and 3)feeling well the day of the drive. There are other requirements, of course, but if you meet the first three above, there’s a very good chance you’ll be able to donate.

To help sign up donors, or help the day of the drive, all you need is a smile!

For more information, call Charles Lucier at 314-304-1226, or email


Anointing Service

Every week, ten minutes after the 9:00AM Mass on Sunday, you are invited to gather in the front pews of the church where we will celebrate the Sacrament of Anointing of the Sick. This is meant to inculde such concerns as upcoming diagnostic tests, limitations of aging, anxiety, depression, undue stress, addiction, etc. for all ages.

If you need transportation to this Mass or just to the Anointing Service, you can call John Komotos at 314-984-0054, our Person to Person coordinator. For more information contact Carole Bernsen at 314-965-0528 or

Healing Prayer Service

St. Peter Parish offers Healing Prayer Services as part of its Health Ministry. Anyone with an illness, future surgery or other health problems can ask for a prayer service to be designed for them. Also, if you have a loved one that you feel would benefit from a prayer service, simply call one of the people listed below. Someone from the Healing Ministry Committee will talk with you and design a service just for you or your loved one. For more information contact Carole Bernsen at 314-965-0528 or

Pastoral Visitors of the Sick

In the Sermon on the Mount, Jesus gave his disciples a spiritual blueprint on how to live a life of love and service to God and our neighbor. Christ told us that when we visit and comfort the sick, we would also be serving Him. The Pastoral Visitors in St. Peter Parish live Stewardship by visiting and praying with parishioners in long term care and assisted living facilities, as well as those recently discharged to rehabilitation facilities. Members bring these parishioners the comfort and compassion of Our Lord and continue His loving ministry today.

For more information contact Kay Komotos or email at

Pastoral Visitors of the Sick