Pastoral Visitors of the Sick

Pastoral Visitors of the Sick

This is a group of parishioners who visit others in nursing homes and hospitals.  Our group was started by Fr. O'Donnell when he was assigned as pastor.  The need existed to minister to the sick in hospitals and nursing homes and we were organized to address that need.  We visit these parishioners at Mary Culver Home, Manor Grove, St. Agnes nursing homes.  And in these hospitals: St . Joseph and St. John. 

We meet with the group three to four times a year to offer support and prayer to our members who provide this needed service.  


Christ told us that when we visit and comfort the sick, we also serve Him. The Pastoral Visitors in St. Peter Parish live Stewardship by visiting and praying with parishioners in long term care and assisted living facilities, as well as those recently discharged to rehabilitation facilities. Members bring these parishioners the comfort and compassion of Our Lord and continue His loving ministry today.

You may be interested in the St. Peter Pastoral Visitors ministry if:

·         You know friends or family members in our parish community who are currently in a local hospital, long term/assisted care facility, or a rehabilitation center who would welcome parish visitors and/or be included on a prayer list.

·         You feel called to be a pastoral visitor and/or prayer partner yourself.

If you have interest or questions about this service ministry, please contact Kay Komotos, 984-0054 or