Help Wanted!

Help Wanted!


St. Peter has 65 ministries listed in our Annual Report that impact the spiritual, educational and community life of our Parish Family. Each ministry was asked to identify their needs to help them attain their goals and expand our outreach. We hope, as we begin our Year of Participation, that each member of our Parish Family will review the following ministry opportunities and contribute in some fashion, big or small!

This is a very brief introduction to current ministry openings. Please visit the ministries' pages to find more information about each ministry and organization.

Current Opportunities

St. Peterfest: Our biggest event of the year is coming up. St. Peterfest is Friday, June 2 and Saturday, June 3. There are lots of volunteer opportunities available for everyone! Visit the St. Peterfest page for game booth shifts and more volunteer sign ups coming soon!
Fostering Faithful Families
: Theresa Williams, 314-835-1690,

- Join an email list or Facebook to support foster families.
- Organize collections for backpacks, bibles, diapers, etc.
- Provide “respite” for foster families.
- Promote foster care.

St. Peter Eucharistic Ministry: Trish & Bob Martin, 314-821-3303,

- Opportunities for many more ministers.

Fish Friars: Mike Kerins, 314-966-9844,
- Food prep, cooking, serving, bussing, dishwashing, people skills.

Lectors: Jim TemmeCell - 314-766-5850, Home - 314-822-2602,

- Any interested lectors will read and proclaim the Word of God.

Sts. Theresa and Bridget Food Pantry: Candy & John Behl, 314-965-3390,
- Collect food for the hungry.
- Help deliver food to the Kirkwood collection point.

St. Peter Church Ushers: Victor Frome, 314-965-7975,
- Adults and teens, men and women are welcome!

Children’s Liturgy of the Word: Linda Doyle, 314-822-1347,

Would you like to be involved in enriching our children’s liturgical experience during the Liturgy of the Word on Sundays?

If your answer is yes, then you may want to be a
Leader of the Word at the 9:00AM Mass on Sunday mornings. We are currently looking for adults and teenagers who would be interested in being Leaders of the Word, approximately once every six weeks, from September 22, 2013 to May 4, 2014! We have wonderful resource materials to help you plan and use as you lead the children.

If you would like more information about this wonderful ministry, please contact Linda Doyle at 314-822-1347 or e-mail her at

Pastoral Music: Ryan Bolinger, 314-822-1347,

- Skilled instrumentalists and vocalists needed.

San Pedro Catering: Mike Kerins, 314-966-9844,
- Food prep, cooking, serving, bussing, dishwashing, people skills.

Blood Donor Program: Charles T. Lucier, 314-304-1226,
- Ask people to sign up after mass and on weekends
- Donor, Donor Sign Up or any help during the drives.

Eucharistic Adoration: Kathy Fotouhi, 314-821-4347,

Person-to-Person: Deacon John Komotos, 314-984-0054
- Varying needs mostly transportation to church or doctor – all short term commitments.

Pastoral Visitors: Kay Komotos- 314-984-0054 

- Weekly visits at senior citizen locations, also the homebound.

Welcoming Committee: Jen Moritz, 314-909-6756,
- The Welcoming Ministry delivers welcome packets to new parishioners. This personal touch is very well received and helps promote their participation in the parish. This is a very active program as the parish is currently receiving 10-15 new families/individuals a month. The number of assigned new parishioners to committee members depends on their available time. If interested please call Jen Moritz, 314-909-6756.

Properties and Buildings: Lorry Bannes, 314-822-2090,
- Many opportunities planning maintenance, landscaping, site improvements, custodial services, etc.
- Construction, mechanical, electrical, craftsman/women, hobbyists, etc.