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What is Stewardship?

What is Stewardship?

This weekend we begin our St. Peter Stewardship Renewal. The objectives of our Appeal are:
To continue working towards our goal of becoming the faith-filled and loving parish the Lord is calling us to be through Worship, Evangelization, Education, Service and Stewardship.

To request a reasonable weekly increase in the offering by all members of the parish.

If it is possible, we do need those who are able to help support our parish family on behalf of the underemployed who, at this time, are not able to contribute as they have in the past.

To encourage all parishioners to use Electronic Giving program to ensure that our offering is available for St. Peter mission and ministry even when we are unable to attend Mass.

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We can only successfully meet ordinary parish expenses, address the $600,000 cost of the air-handler project, support our worthwhile ministries and honor our commitment to Catholic education if St. Peter receives consistent, on-going financial support from our parish community. 

Earn & Learn

Earn and learn is now paperless. Class funds will continue to earn 50% of the E&L rebates, while the other 50% will now go to the PTO.  As participation increases, the E&L rebates will replace current fundraising programs.  Enroll your family at ShopWithScrip.com and start ordering today!

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