Ministries and Organizations

Ministries and Organizations

Ministry Descriptions

St. Peter has 65 ministries listed in our Annual Report that impact the spiritual, educational and community life of our Parish Family. Each ministry was asked to identify their needs to help them attain their goals and expand our outreach. We hope that each member of our Parish Family will review the following ministry opportunities and contribute in some fashion, big or small!

This is a very brief introduction to current ministry openings. Please visit the ministries' pages to find more information about each ministry and organization.

Liturgy/Worship Committee

The Liturgy Committee is made up of parishioners interested in learning about the Church’s worship.  Members also take part in study and planning liturgical celebrations for our parish family.  Meetings are held monthly.  

Children’s Liturgy of the Word

On Sunday during the 9:00AM Mass, children in grades one through five attend their own Liturgy of the Word in the Rectory basement.  The children are dismissed with the Leaders of the Word after the Opening Prayer and return during the preparation of the gifts. 


Proclaim the word!  Along with our deacons and priests, St. Peter lectors are entrusted with the crucial task of making the word of God come alive for the parishioners gathered at Saturday, Sunday and Holy Day Masses.  Our parish is blessed with a diverse group of men and women who combine the power of the Word of God with their personal faith and public speaking skills.  

Eucharistic Ministers

Helping to distribute the Body and Blood of Christ is a rewarding way to participate in liturgies.  The training to become a Eucharistic minister takes about half an hour and is performed on Saturday Morning after the 8:15 Mass.  New members are encouraged and welcome. 


Boys and girls in grades six through eight serve at Mass.  Training is provided.  Information is available through PSR and St. Peter School. 

Altar Guild Sacristans

This group cleans the church and cares for the plants and flowers ensuring that the overall appearance of the church is ready for the celebration of Mass.  Help is always needed.  


These parishioners welcome those arriving for weekend and Holy Day Masses, take up weekly offering collections, control the flow of communicants, pass out parish bulletins and perform any other necessary tasks.  Ushers contribute effectively toward making the worship experience a devout one for parishioners and visitors alike.  Six ushers are needed for each Mass on the weekend.  Adults and teens, men and women, are welcome.  

St. Peter Liturgical Music Ministry

Join your fellow parishioners who share their gift of music by helping to lead our liturgical prayer on Sundays.  There is a way for you to get involved that fits your schedule.

St. Peter Liturgical Music Ministry Opportunities

  • Leaders of Song/Cantor Program
  • 9:00AM Liturgy Choir 
  •        (Rehearsals are on Wednesdays in Church, 7:00-9:00PM)
  • Instrumentalists

For more information, please contact Ryan Bolinger, Director of Sacred Music, 822-1347 or

RCIA - Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults

 This is a process by which adults from other Christian faith traditions and those who have never been baptized enter the Catholic church.  The RCIA team meets with the candidates and catechumens each Sunday from September until Pentecost.  The Sunday sessions provide the candidates and catechumens with an opportunity to discuss the scripture readings of the day and time for religious instruction.  The Sacraments of Initiation are celebrated at the Easter Vigil.  The Candidates and Catechumens depend heavily on sponsors from our parish community.  

Baptism Preparation

This program reminds parents and parents-to-be of the beauty, importance, and dignity of Baptism, which bestows the grace and blessings of God on His most precious gifts—babies.

During the bustle and excitement of awaiting a baby’s arrival, parents need quiet time to reflect and prepare for their child’s journey in the Catholic faith.  To that end, facilitator couples invite new parents into their homes for an evening of review and discussion.

In a sense, the program asks all parishioners to recom-mit themselves to embracing the faith and passing it on to the newest members of the Church.  

Anointing Service

Every week, ten (10) minutes after the 9:00 a.m. Mass on Sunday, you are invited to gather in the front pews of the church where we will celebrate the Sacrament of the Anointing of the Sick.  This is meant to include such concerns as upcoming diagnostic tests, limitations of aging, anxiety, depression, undue stress, addiction, etc. for all ages.

Marriage Encounter

A group of married couples who have been on a Marriage Encounter retreat meet on a monthly basis to enrich their marriage.  The focus is on a presentation of topics important to a marriage relationship. 

Marriage Preparation

Writing invitations, choosing a dress, hiring a photographer - there are so many things to do when preparing for a wedding that it’s easy for an engaged couple to lose sight of the spiritual grace and meaning of the Sacrament of Matrimony.

The married couples who volunteer for St. Peter’s Marriage Preparation have a unique opportunity to share from their personal experiences the real issues - both practical and spiritual - of living as a Catholic couple in today’s world.  The program includes meeting with the engaged couple once a week for  approximately four to eight weeks.  

Prayer Groups

Prayer is an important element of our personal faith.  Throughout St. Peter a number of different groups gather at various times to pray, including those who pray for Pro-Life and other special focuses.  If you are interested in joining a prayer group or would like to start one please visit our website at under Adult Faith Formation .

Moms in Touch

Moms in Touch is a small prayer group that meets once a week from 7:00-7:30AM during the school year.  We pray for the St. Peter parish community, including all teachers, students, parents and all of their intentions.  We typically start with a short reading, either prayer or scripture, and then pray from our hearts.  It truly is a beautiful way to start each week.  It is a great reminder of the presence of our Lord based on Matthew 18:20, “For where two or three come together in my name, there am I with them.”

Eucharistic Adoration  (Under Construction Currently! Newly renovated chapel will open in 2019!)

Eucharistic Adoration is held in St. Angela Merici Chapel located in Ursuline Hall.  The entrance is off the Genneseret Garden adjacent to the east side of the church building.  Everyone is invited to come anytime for some quiet prayer before Jesus, present in the Most Blessed Sacrament.  The chapel door is unlocked Monday through Friday, 6:00AM through 4:00PM.  However, the chapel is ALWAYS available 24 hours a day, seven days a week for personal prayer. 

Parish Library 

The library is located in Ursuline Hall and contains over 2,000 books in 29 different categories.  The library is open Monday through Friday from 9:00AM - 3:00PM. 

Adult Bible Study

Adult bible/scripture study is suited for anyone striving to enrich their prayer life, increase their knowledge of scripture and build community.  

St. Peter ACTS Ministry

The ACTS retreat is an opportunity for the parishioners of St. Peter to renew and strengthen their relationship with Jesus Christ.  All spouses of parishioners who are of another faith tradition are also welcome to attend the retreat.

ACTS is an acronym for Adoration, Community, Theology and Service.  These four themes, Adoration, Community, Theology and Service, are the focus of the talks and activities that take place on the retreat weekend.

The retreat begins on Thursday evening and ends on Sunday afternoon.  It is lay directed and led by a team of fellow parishioners along with our parish priests.  There will be two women’s and two men’s retreats held every year at The Mercy Center.  

Catholics Returning Home

This is a short program for inactive Catholics interested in a return to active participation whether away for several years or a short time.  The purpose is to impart a renewed or better understanding of life in a parish community through presentations and discussion of the Mass, sacrament of reconciliation (confession), what Catholics believe, and the current situation in the Church as impacted by Vatican II.  There is also ample opportunity to address issues with the Church raised by the participants.

This six week program (one meeting per week) is offered twice a year (after Christmas and after Easter) in a welcoming and non-judgmental atmosphere.  Anybody in the parish can and should help by identifying and encouraging inactive Catholics who may be interested in a return to active participation in parish life. 

Genneseret Mediation Garden

The word, Genneseret, means princely garden. Since the official name of our parish is St. Peter—the Prince of the Apostles, Genneseret (princely garden) seemed right.

Our meditation garden, adjacent to the east side of the church building, is the perfect place to pray and begin or end your day.  It is fully lit at night and is a great spot to enter into a quiet place “beyond the walls” where God dwells.

Youth Ministry

St. Peter Youth Ministry’s goal is to create a faith community in which teens can grow in their  relationship with God, are empowered to serve others and become individuals who are confident in themselves and in their faith.

High School Youth Ministry

All high school students are invited to participate in St. Peter Youth Ministry.  SPYM provides ways for teens to grow in their faith and community through our regular Youth Group meetings, service opportunities, retreats and much more.  Normal meeting times are on Sunday evening from 7-9pm in the Dining Hall.

Middle School Youth Ministry

All 7th and 8th graders of our parish are invited to participate in the St. Peter Youth Ministry program.

Athletic Association

The association promotes all organized youth sports activities.  It arranges for officials, fields, CYC liaison, uniforms, scheduling and coaching.

The association also conducts fund raisers including the Christmas tree lot.  It sponsors a Christmas Basket-ball tournament for 7th and 8th grades.

The Sports Directors organize individual sports for the children of the parish.  At-large Directors organize fund raising activities.  Volunteers can be assigned to the activity which most interests them.  

Boy Scouts

How do we teach our young people the Christian value of serving the communities in which they live?  Our parish Scouting programs continue a long tradition of building virtues and skills among our youth in preparation for their full participation in society.

Girl Scouts

Girl Scouts foster leadership skills in our girls through camping experiences and service projects in conjunction with the Office of Catholic Scouting through the St. Louis Archdiocese.  Girl Scouts have the opportunity to earn many Catholic service and religious awards

American Heritage Girls

FAITH     SERVICE     FUN   For value minded moms and daughters, American Heritage girls is a confidence- building, extracurricular activity.  Through inspiring adventures, girls realize their potential and become women of integrity.  It is a faith-based organization where girls experience new challenges that teach service, team-building and leadership skills in a safe and fun environment.


Pathfinder   Ages 5-6

Tenderheart   Ages 6-9

Explorer   Ages 9-12

Pioneer   Ages 12-14

Patriot   Ages 14-18

AHG Mission Statement: “Building women of integrity through service to God, family, community, and country.”

St. Peter Parish School Board

The St. Peter Parish School Board has a two-fold mission: to support the efforts of St. Peter School in providing its  students with a quality, comprehensive Catholic education; and to support the efforts of the Parish School of Reli-gion in providing its students with a quality Catholic religious education.  

Parish School of Religion (PSR)  Parent Advisory Committee

This committee is composed of a representative group of PSR parents.  As a standing committee of the Parish School Board, the Parent Advisory Committee connects with the parish pastor, the PSR faculty and parents, and the Parish School Board by proving valuable input from the perspective of PSR parents and families.

Committee input assists in recommending needed PSR tuition , and recommending needed PSR policies to the pastor and the School Board.  The committee helps plan for PSR improvements by networking with PSR parents to respond to needs for improvement and growth.  

Parent-Teacher Organization (PTO) – St. Peter School

This is an organization of administrative staff, teaching staff and parents of St. Peter elementary school children.  The objective is to improve the relationship, communication, and cooperation between school and home.  It assists the children, parents, and teachers of the school by holding special events, presenting speakers, and assisting with school activities when needed. 

Parish School of Religion (PSR)

Religious education for parish children in Grades 1-8 in public schools and private non-Catholic schools is offered in our PSR.  The St. Peter PSR program provides formal Catholic religious education in the classroom setting in a weekly format on Tuesdays, with session 1 in the afternoon from 4:30-5:45PM and Session 2 in the evening from 6:30-7:45PM.  About 360 parish children are served by 53 catechists and aides in 24 class groups.  All strive for greater understanding in the areas of knowledge of the faith, beliefs and Christian life skills and religious practices, and strengthening the growing relationship with Jesus and his Church.  Extra effort is made to facilitate inclusion of special needs children, recognizing that every child is a gift from God.

Catechesis of the Good Shepard   (ages 3-6) Catechesis of the Good Shepard is a Montessori-based religious education program aimed at the three to six year old child.  Children meet in a sacred space called the atrium where they can nurture a personal relationship with God.  In the atrium the children are given opportunities to learn about and experience prayer, the Kingdom of God parables, the Alter and parts of the Mass, the geography of Israel, the Infancy Narratives, the Paschal Mystery, Baptism, and Jesus as the Good Shepard.  The aim of the program is for the children to develop a personal relationship with God and to participate more fully in the Liturgy.

Sunday School (ages 3-K)

Sunday School is a place for children ages 3 through Kindergarten to sing, create, and make friends as they learn about our church and Jesus’ great love for us while their parents attend 9:00AM Mass.  Classes take place in school classrooms from late September through the beginning of May.  

Volunteer catechists work with the coordinator and are assisted by middle school and high school aides. 

Vacation Bible School

A program for children three and a half years of age through fourth grade is offered for one week during the summer.  Small groups share through Bible stories, singing, music, prayer, and art their love for our Lord, Jesus Christ.  A staff of volunteers depends greatly on a multitude of parish volunteers for creativity, enthusiasm, and care to make this program the energetic success it is.  

Stewardship Committee

The Stewardship Committee works with St. Peter Parish ministries to encourage each parishioner to engage in  prayer, active participation and financial support of the Parish Family of St. Peter Parish.  

St. Peterfest

Held the first weekend in June, St. Peterfest is one of our parish’s largest and most anticipated celebrations.  St. Peterfest is a homecoming which includes games, rides, musical entertainment, food booths and a grand prize raffle.  Because of the scope of St. Peterfest, many parish volunteers are needed to help - from those who serve on planning committees to those who volunteer to staff a booth or to pitch in setting up or cleaning up the festival grounds

Respect Life Committee 

The Lespect Life Committee follows the Respect Life Apostolate of the Archdiocese of St. Louis in four primary objectives: Education, Prayer, Service and Political Awareness, and Responsibility.  Our mission is to serve those whose very life is in danger, at all stages of development, from violence and death and to promote respect and love for the most vulnerable.  We oppose abortion, euthanasia, embryonic stem cell research, cloning and capital punishment and try to implement public policy decisions that promote a Catholic and Christ centered-culture of life for everyone born and unborn.  We meet monthly to plan the theme of each month and welcome all volunteers.  

Fish Fry

Parishioners join together as volunteers in a spirit of Stewardship to the entire parish to conduct a Fish Fry on Fridays (except Good Friday) during the season of Lent 

Positions include cooks, servers, dessert and beverage attendants, dining room attendants, and dishwashers.  As we serve a varied menu, volunteer cooks with new ideas are especially welcome.  Other positions include servers, dessert and beverage attendants, dining room attendants, and dishwashers.  Proceeds are used to maintain the kitchen and cafeteria for use by the entire parish.  

50 Plus Club

The purpose of this club is to bring members together for friendship, social activities, education, spirituality, service, entertainment, cultural enrichment, and travel.  Whenever possible, we  assist in parish activities, such as St. Peterfest.

The 50 Plus Club shall be an integral part of the parish and contribute to the overall life and spirit of the parish.  Membership is open to all men and women who have attained the age of fifty (50) years.  A small annual fee is due in September when we have our annual Anniversary catered dinner, although dues can be paid at other times throughout the year.  Our regular meetings are monthly, September through May and are announced in the bulletin.  All meetings, programs and trips are also open to any non-members of the club. 

Welcoming New Parishioners Committee

New Parishioners are invited to register at the rectory office during regular business hours, Monday through Thursday, 8:30AM - 4:00PM and Friday, 8:30AM -

3:00PM.  A welcoming packet with parish information is delivered to each new parishioner by someone from the Welcoming Committee.  

The Welcoming Committee is looking for “Hosts” or

“Host Families” to welcome new parishioners to our St. Peter family.  Please consider offering your time and talent to this ministry.  

Knights of Columbus

(Kirkwood Council 2117)

The Knights of Columbus are a Catholic, family, fraternal organization.  Knights are Catholic men, 18 years of age and older, who are committed to making their community a better place to live.  Being a Knight is more than camaraderie.  It is being involved in our community, it is supporting our Church, which enhances our own faith, it is about protecting and enhancing family values.  Our various programs including the Tootsie Roll Drive for Cardinal Glennon Hospital, our Religious Information Program, our Youth Programs and our Pro-Life involvement, help us in achieving these goals.  Regular meetings are held on the second and fourth Thursday of each month in the rectory basement.  

St. Peter Young Families Group

St. Peter is a vibrant parish, home to many couples with young children under school age.  For those of us who often populate the back third of church on Sunday, finding a true community with our peers can be challenging without school activities to bring us together. 

With this in mind, the “Young Families” group exists to help us meet other young families, to build community with the greater parish family, and to help us to grow into vibrant Christian families.  If you’re interested in learning more about the group or if you want to know about the upcoming events send a message to

Visit a Bit

Christ told us that when we visit and comfort the sick, we also serve Him.  The Pastoral Visitors in St. Peter Parish live Stewardship by visiting and praying with parishioners in long term care and assisted living facilities, as well as those recently discharged to rehabilitation facilities.  Members bring these parishioners the comfort and compassion of Our Lord and continue His loving ministry today.

St. Peter Quilters

These volunteers meet every Tuesday morning from 9:00AM -12:00 Noon, and every Thursday from 9:00AM - 2:30PM in the lower level of the rectory to share friendship and quilting.  They also assemble incomplete quilt tops.  New-comers are welcome to join this congenial group.  

St. Vincent de Paul Society

Jesus told us that whatever we do to the least of his  people...that we do for Him.  Inspired by the heroic service to the poor that distinguished the life of St. Vincent de Paul, the St. Vincent de Paul Society serves the Lord by helping those in need.  

Serving with a spirit of justice, charity and respect, the society members help those in need within our community with food, utility bills, rent, and other life necessities.  The society in St. Peter Parish Conference networks with other Conferences in the St. Louis area and also refers clients to other social service resources that are appropriate.  

Our volunteers perform casework, assist with food drives,  phone calling and bookkeeping.  The Greater St. Louis Council also needs volunteers to assist with the Thrift Store, general clerical duties and the criminal justice ministry, and other services for the poor.  High school and college-aged students are welcome.  Monthly meetings are held on the second Tuesday of the month, and are announced in the bulletin. 

St. Patrick Center
St. Peter Parish assists the Mobile Outreach Team at St. Patrick Center in helping them to build rapport with homeless individuals.  Outreach counselors work in teams of two and travel city streets in search of homeless individuals.  At first, counselors may offer emergency assistance only.  Over time the outreach counselors develop rapport and build trust to inform people about St. Patrick Center and what it offers -- clothing, hot meals, showers and laundry facilities.  They also let people know where and how to access St. Patrick Center services when they are ready. Counselors provide information about the programs and services of St. Patrick Center to interested individuals who are homeless.

You can help too.  Once a month, volunteers from St. Peter donate water and individually pre-packaged chips, crackers, and snacks (to meet state health regulations) that the Mobile Outreach teams take to the streets to feed the homeless and work to build that rapport and trust in hopes that the homeless individual will come to St. Patrick Center for additional services.  Parishioners bring the snacks and drinks to a home in Kirkwood for delivery to the St. Patrick Center.

Room at the Inn

Who can forget the image of Mary and Joseph, tired from their long journey, trudging from house to house in Bethlehem and being told there was no room for them.  Jesus also asks us to make room for Him and others in our hearts.  One way we can make room for Him...and serve those he places in our in offering practical service to those in need.  Our parish participates in the area-wide program known as Room at the Inn.   Along with other church communities, St. Peter Parish takes a turn hosting individuals and families that are temporarily homeless on the third Friday of the month in the school cafeteria.

Room at the Inn volunteers from our parish live stewardship when they help with meal preparation and hospitality for our guests while they are at St. Peter, by sharing a meal and spending early evening with guests, staying overnight with our guests, providing transportation to and from the program’s head-quarters, and cafeteria setup and cleanup.  We pray our Lord continues to bless those who serve Him and those in need through the Room at the Inn program.  

Giving TreeThis program is an annual drive to provide Christmas gifts to various organizations.  The Giving Tree is set up prior to the commencement of Advent and remains up through the middle of December.  Parishioners are asked to take an ornament, purchase the item identified on the ornament and return the gift no later than the date identified on the tree.  In recent years more than 2,000 gifts and gift cards have been distributed through the St. Peter Giving Tree.  

Sts. Teresa & Bridget Food Pantry

Sts. Teresa & Bridget Parish and community (located  on Grand & N. Market, St Louis City) are in great need.  The St. Vincent de Paul Society supports a food pantry that serves their area but the high demand for food keeps their shelves bare.  By collecting  nonperishable food MONTHLY we can help make other peoples' lives better and respond to Jesus' call to feed Him when He is hungry.

Donations are delivered on the 3rd Monday of every month. If grocery shopping is not possible there is another way for you to help feed the poor and hungry.  Contributions of CASH and CHECKS (payable to St. Vincent de Paul Society) placed in the colorful SOUP CANS located at all church entryways are also  welcomed.

Beyond Housing

Beyond Housing is a St. Louis non-profit organization with a mission to strengthen neighborhoods, one family at a time. Our ministry can include several specific activities during the year:

·      Upkeep and repairs for one or more Beyond Housing rental properties.

·      Support for a specific annual project in conjunction with Beyond Housing..

·      Participation in Beyond Housing’s adopt-a-family program at Christmas time.

·      Sponsorship of a Breakfast with Santa for over a hundred Beyond Housing clients.

Participate for a few hours in one of our home fix-up projects, usually in early summer and/or fall.

·      Adopt a family or a member of a family at Christmas, or help us organize and collect items, or help with Breakfast with Santa.
Help us with our fundraising activities.

·      You can greatly impact our ministry by helping financially.

·      Become a member of the steering committee to help plan and organize our activities each year.

All of our activities are posted in the weekly bulletin.

Faith in Action (FIA)

Based on the social teachings of the Catholic Church, the Faith in Action Program assigns each grade in our school and PSR a different vulnerable population.  Integrated into their daily curriculum, the students will then learn about, pray for, and have service projects around their vulnerable group. From the youngest grades, our children see daily how their actions make a difference.

Kindergarten—Introduction  1st Grade—Environment

2nd Grade—Elderly 

3rd Grade—Hungry 

4th Grade—Military & Veterans

5th Grade—Babies, Children & Adolescents 6th Grade—Homeless

7th Grade—Persons with Disabilities

8th Grade—Education & Social Justice

St. Peter & Paul Soup Kitchen

The volunteers who work in this ministry serve a meal to the homeless and hungry at St. Peter and Paul Church Hall at 816 Allen Street in the Soulard area downtown.  Our service date is the 3rd of each month.  If the 3rd falls on a weekend, the meal is served at noon.  If the 3rd falls on a Monday-Friday, the meal is served at

5:00pm.  The volunteers from our parish who work in this ministry perform one or more of the following services: Cooks, Servers, Donations.

We encourage families to participate but we also have teens, couples and an overall broad age range of volunteers in this ministry.

Blood Donor Program

The St. Peter Blood Donor Program helps to make the gift of life possible.  Parish volunteers assist with making appointments and serving refreshments in the canteen.  Blood drives are held four times a year.  All parishioners, including high school and college-aged students, are welcome.  


KirkCare is an inter-denominational charitable organization in Kirkwood that provides emergency assistance to those in need of food, shelter and utility bill payments.  KirkCare serves people within the Kirkwood R-7 School District boundaries. St. Peter parishioners supply non-perishable food donations for the KirkCare basket in the foyer of the rectory.  Volunteers take care of delivering the food donations to KirkCare.

Fostering Faithful Families

is a ministry that was developed to recruit foster and adoptive families within the Archdiocese of St. Louis.  Through our efforts, we hope to find individuals who want to donate their time, talents, and resources to children in foster care.  These children need to see examples in their lives of loving, committed, and Christ- centered families.  While this ministry focuses on the many children in Missouri foster care, we strive to support all families that have been blessed with adoption.

Our mission is three-fold:

·      to educate the church on the needs within the foster care system.

·      to support the families that are caring for these children.

·      to recruit foster adoptive families within the church community

Our hope is to create a support system within our parish for foster/adoptive families and for the children for whom they care.  

Property and Buildings Committee

Continual good stewardship of all real property assets of our beautiful 6+ acre campus in downtown  Kirkwood is the overview focus of this ministry. Regular monthly meetings are held on the second Tuesday from 7:30 a.m. to 9:30 a.m. with committee members and guests who generally share their time and diverse experiences (architects, designers, engineers, construction and site contractors, landscapers, real property developers, managers, or advisors and handymen/tradesmen).  Agendas include current, immediate and long-range future anticipated parish facility requirements and all discussions and dialogues include referencing our “ethical decision making” guidelines to assure continual compliance with our ministry motto of: “PRESERVERS OF THE SPACES AND  PLACES FOR THE GOSPEL TO GROW”.

Finance Committee

The Finance Committee aids the Pastor in his administrative responsibilities and deals with the parish resources and budget.  Meetings are held monthly.

Garden Ministry

The St. Peter Garden Ministry begins gathering in the month of April to do light garden maintenance such as garden bed clean-up and seasonal plantings.  We will gather on a monthly basis throughout the spring, summer and fall.   


Occasionally extra flyers are inserted into the parish bulletins.  This takes place on Friday mornings (around 9 a.m.) in the church, in the room across from the sacristy.  Usually 2-4 people are needed and takes about 1 hour.  Also, this committee assists the parish office with parish-wide mailings.  Signing up for this ministry only obligates you to help out periodically.