Ministering to Parishioners

Bulletin Stuffers

The purpose of the Bulletin Stuffers is to assist the parish secretary in adding flyers to the weekend bulletin and to assist in stuffing parishwide mailings.  If you would like to join this group, please contact Debbie Bannes at 314-822-2090 or email       

Bulletin Stuffers

Health Ministries

Several of our parish ministries are cater to the health of our parishioners. For more information about the Blood Donor Program, Anointing Service, Healing Prayer Service and Pastoral Visitors, click here.

Martha's Meals - Bereaved Family Meals

This committee of parishioners will provide food and refreshments for bereaved families in their home after the funeral Mass of their loved one. 

Contact Peggie Baker at (314) 821-7827 or email or Madeleine Whyte at (314) 909-7704.

Pastoral Visitors of the Sick

In the Sermon on the Mount, Jesus gave his disciples a spiritual blueprint on how to live a life of love and service to God and our neighbor.  Christ told us that when we visit and comfort the sick, we would also be serving Him.  The Pastoral Visitors in St. Peter Parish live Stewardship by visiting and praying with parishioners in long term care and assisted living facilities, as well as those recently discharged to rehabilitation facilities.  Members bring these parishioners the comfort and compassion of Our Lord and continue His loving ministry today.  

For more information contact 
Kay Komotos - 314-984-0054 -

Pastoral Visitors of the Sick

Person to Person

Our efforts reflect the Light of Christ by helping our neighbors in times of need.  This is a program designed to match parishioners with specific needs with parishioners who can provide or attend to those needs.  The needs are real and happening around us every day.  Providers will NOT be asked to help on a regular basis— just an occasional assist to a member of our parish family.  Our primary needs are transportation (either to Mass or to the doctor), light labor (raking leaves, occasional housekeeping, etc.), and occasional meals or shopping.  Captains are also needed who will call volunteers and match them with parishioners in need.  

Please contact John Komotos at 984-0054 or email for more information.

Person to Person

Property & Buildings

The Maintenance and Landscaping Committee is responsible for all the Parish property: buildings, grounds and equipment, remodeling, repair, and the housekeeping of all Parish buildings, grounds and equipment. The committee establishes and continuously updates a maintenance schedule, estimated repair cost and has the responsibility to develop and maintaina Master Plan for the future.

Volunteers are needed as members of the maintenance committee. This includes painters, carpenters, electricians, platerers, landscapers, lawn workers, and persons to perform general maintenance.

For more information contact Lorry Bannes at 314-822-2090 or

Calling all gardeners!  The St Peter Garden Ministry is forming & seeking volunteers. We will meet monthly throughout the spring, summer & fall. We will begin meeting in April & will perform light garden maintenance, such as garden bed clean-up, and seasonal plantings. For more information please contact Gerri Meesey at 314.965.0592 or

San Pedro Catering

From time to time the parish and/or the pastor will host large dinners or receptions.  Through Stewardship we can make a professional quality presentation while holding costs to a minimum. Volunteers are needed to plan menus and facility set-up, arrange flowers and table decorations, prepare food the day before and the day of the event, greet guests upon entering the parish center, and of course, clean up afterwards.  There would probably be no more than two or three of these large gatherings per year. 

Contact Mike Kerins at 314-966-9844 or email for more information.

San Pedro Catering

Welcoming New Parishioners Committee

New Parishioners are invited to register at the rectory office during regular business hours, Monday through Thursday, 8:30AM - 4:00PM and Friday, 8:30AM -3:00PM.  A welcoming packet with parish information is delivered to each new parishioner by someone from the Welcoming Committee.

Contact Jen and Jamie Moritz at 314-9096756 or email for more information.