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Christian Parenting: The Challenge
Real help for the challenges of parenting!
Learn Authoritative/Democratic Parenting

Children in a home with the Authoritative/Democratic style of parenting:
- have better emotional regulation, calming themselves more quickly
- have the highest academic achievement
- show greater empathetic responses
- show greater loyalty to parents and have a higher compliance rate with parental wishes, the obedience      coming from feelings of connection rather than from fear
- have fewer incidences of pediatric depression and anxiety disorders
- have the fewest infectious diseases
- are less prone to acts of violence
- have deeper, richer friendships, and lots more of them
Where do you get kids like this?  Researchers, too, wanted to know how to get kids like this.  Its about as important an issue to the success of a culture that exists.
Styles of Parenting:
Authoritarian/Strict:  Too Hard
Permissive/Indulgent:  Too Soft
Neglectful/Un-Involved: Too Aloof
Authoritative/Democratic: Just Right. 
Authoritative Parents produce kids like this.                                                                                         Excerpt from Brain Rules for Babies by John Medina

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Helpful to parents with children of ALL ages.

  Helpful to parents who have attended the Foundations class. 
Helpful to parents with children 12 and above

Each of these six week classes is based on Adlerian principles presented in the books "Children: the Challenge" or "Positive Discipline for Teenagers" as well as the teachings of Christianity in the New Testament.  This authoritative, democratic style of parenting is respectful yet firm, and emphasizes loving, empathetic, encouraging relationships.

Comments from Recent Participants: "We are a more calm, more ‘together’ family.”

"We feel better about ourselves, our children; there is less tension at home."

"Before this class we were very desperate and depressed with regard to our children and how we were interacting with them. The best thing is that now I have tools - concrete things - to use and fall back on."

"Life is much smoother and more fun!"

Facilitator has been trained by the Office of Laity and Family Life (Archdiocese of St. Louis). Margaret has used the principles in her own family for over 25 years and taught classes for 15 years in area hospitals, schools, and parishes throughout the St. Louis area.  She also writes a parenting column for Catholic St. Louis, an Archdiocesan publication. 


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