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 Learn Authoritative/Democratic Parenting Skills
This style of parenting "is linked with the most successful child outcomes.  Children parented this way are more likely to become cooperative, independent, self-reliant, socially accepted, and academically successful."
Gwen Dewar, PhD
"Authoritative parenting is the gold standard for parenting. Authoritative parents encourage their children to be independent, but also set limits and boundaries. Discipline is applied, but in a supportive, non-punitive way. Typically, authoritative parents give their children increasing levels of independence as they mature and this leads to higher leadership potential in the children of authoritative parents. Social skills, self-control, and self-reliance are more highly developed, and these are qualities that make ideal employees, leaders, and life partners."    Ronald E. Riggio Ph.D.


"Children in a home with the Authoritative/Democratic style of parenting:
- have better emotional regulation, calming themselves more quickly
- have the highest academic achievement
- show greater empathetic responses
- show greater loyalty to parents and have a higher compliance rate with parental wishes, the obedience  coming from feelings of connection rather than from fear
- have fewer incidences of pediatric depression and anxiety disorders
- have the fewest infectious diseases
- are less prone to acts of violence
- have deeper, richer friendships, and lots more of them"
           Excerpt from Brain Rules for Babies by John Medina


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Parenting Classes  
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Each six week class at St. Peter is based on the theory of Individual Psychology of Alfred Adler as well as the teachings of Christianity in the New Testament.  This authoritative, democratic style of parenting is respectful yet firm and emphasizes loving, empathetic, encouraging relationships.
Foundations of Parenting
Beginning Class
Learn the basic principles of the Authoritative Style of Parenting. 
Helpful to parents wit
h children of ALL ages, including TEENS.  (Classes 1 - 6)
All are welcome!

Upcoming Classes: FALL 2016 

1. Location: Christ the King Parish - University City
Start Date: Postponed until January 2017
Anxious to attend?  Please join us Oct. 19th at St. Peter. 
All are Welcome!
Wednesday Evenings
7 - 8:30 pm

2. Location:  St. Peter Parish - Kirkwood
Start Date: October 19th, 2016 

ALL are Welcome!
Wednesday Evenings
 7:00 -  8:30 pm

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Practical Applications 
Second Set of Six Classes 

  Gain better understanding & confidence in applying the principles of the Authoritative Style of Parenting. Prerequisite:  Foundations of Parenting Class  (Classes 7 - 12)
BEGINS  February 2017
Feb. 20, 27, March 6, 13, 20, 27

Learn how to empower your teen and yourself.
Helpful to parents with children 11 and older.  
NOTE: The Foundations of Parenting Class is for parents of children of ALL ages, including teens and is highly recommended prior to attending Got Teens? 

(Not scheduled at this time.  If interested, email:

Monthly Parent Support Group
 Second Tuesdays of the month!
7 - 8:30 PM    Ursuline Hall Building  
213 W. Argonne Dr. 63122
corner of Clay & Argonne

Ongoing support for ALL parents who have completed either
"Foundations of Parenting" OR "Got Teens?"

PLEASE email if you will attend this month:
Margaret at
  Fee: 10.00 (includes both parents)

2016 Schedule: Jan. 12, Feb. 9, March 8, April 12, May 10, June 14, (Skip July & August), Sept. 13, Oct. 11, Nov. 8, Dec. 13
Please enter Ursuline Hall by the SE door which faces Clay Avenue and  
continue straight ahead to the room at the end of the short hallway.


Comments from Recent Participants:
"This class should be the handbook they give you at the hospital!!!"
"I wish I had these tools a lot earlier."
 "Life changing!"
"I will absolutely recommend this class to my friends!"
"Family life is more peaceful & things are easier."
"Our children are happier and more engaged.  I am more relaxed and confident."
"My son is taking on more responsibility."
"We are a more calm, more ‘together’ family.”
"We feel better about ourselves, our children; there is less tension at home."
"Before this class we were very desperate and depressed with regard to our children and how we were interacting with them. The best thing is now I have tools - concrete things - to use and fall back on."    
"Life is much smoother & more fun!"

Facilitator: Margaret Bommarito has been trained & commissioned in 1998 by The Family Education Center of Individual Psychology and the Office of Laity & Family Life (ARCHSTL).  Margaret has used these principles in her own family for 32 years and taught classes for 18 years in hospitals, schools, libraries, and churches throughout the St. Louis area.   


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