Spiritual Formation


St. Peter School is first and foremost a Catholic education ministry of St. Peter Church. Faith formation is an integral part of our Catholic identity and is strengthened by incorporating into our curriculum the four fold dimensions of Catholic Education: message, community, worship, and service

Opportunities are provided to develop a deeper sense of Christian spirituality, through daily prayers and intentions, and participating in the sacraments and liturgies. Students have the opportunity to serve the parish community through the altar server and choir programs. The middle school students benefit from participation in the youth group by reinforcing social outreach, hands-on community services and retreat opportunities.

St. Peter School Religion Program

Our mission as a Catholic school is to create an environment that proclaims the Gospel message, encourages worship and prayer, and provides opportunities for service to God and others. One main goal for students is to develop a life-long relationship with Jesus.

The St. Peter School Sacramental Program is coordinated with the Parish School of Religion (PSR) as a total parish celebration. Second graders are prepared for the reception of the sacraments of Reconciliation and Holy Eucharist. These students and their families participate in parent meetings and community days.

Eighth graders prepare for Confirmation by participating in parent-student meetings, student-sponsor meetings, three Sunday sessions of prayer and reflection, and a one-day retreat.

Throughout the year, special liturgies and prayer services are planned which enrich our faith formation and strengthens our Christian life. Weekly liturgies are planned by the homerooms and coordinated through the Coordinator of Religious Education. Reconciliation services are scheduled during the Advent and Lent. Daily prayer is led by school administration each morning, along with classroom prayer and petitions. St. Peter School is a true “light of Christ” in the world.

Virtue Based Restorative Discipline

Virtue Based Restorative Discipline is a program designed by Lynne Lang, Director of School Climate for the Archdiocese of St. Louis.  The program is aimed to change more than just the behavior of students. It is aimed to help the adults in their lives better love God and practice virtue so they can help the children do the same. The solution to bullying rests in the hearts and minds of adults. Kids learn their behavior from us, which means we have to change something in ourselves so we can model something better for them.

The scope of this program is broader than traditional anti-bullying programs, seeking to address all forms of anti-social and disruptive behavior. The virtue piece of this program is that we are not simply telling students what not to do, but modeling Christlike behavior for them.

By implementing Virtue Based Restorative Discipline, we are not waiting for a problem to start. This lays a foundation for life, helping them understand the virtues and develop a firm disposition to the good. It also helps them recognize the impact of their behavior on their relationship with others and with God. It’s addressing the root cause of the problem to promote systemic change.

Click here to learn more about Virtue Based Restorative Discipline.

Faith in Action

Faith in Action is a program designed to educate students on Catholic social teachings and to provide them with opportunities to practice these social responsibilities. Each grade level will participate in age appropriate projects that will help the students to respond to their focus population. The projects in each area will work with our parish ministries, organizations and existing charitable activities in the school. The focus population for each grade will remain in place permanently so the program retains continuity and students learn in a progressive manner. We have included an attachment with the grade specific populations and the seven principles of Catholic Social Teaching that will be applied to this program.

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Eucharistic Adoration

Volunteers are needed for Eucharistic Adoration for each specific holy hour during adoration. Sign up during your child's class time or any other hour. Each volunteer will commit to one hour; you may sign up for one or as many hours as you would like.

What Do I Do During Eucharistic Adoration?

   During Adoration you have the opportunity to pray, reflect, listen, relax, read, to just breath – and find calm, peace and tranquility. Some people take this time to reflect and pray about challenging situations or to simply thank God for their many blessings. Others may read books such as the Bible, the Catechism of the Catholic Church, or other reading  material that nourishes the soul. Some pray the rosary. Some do all of the above. There is not one right way to experience Eucharistic Adoration.
   The only requirement is an attitude of reverence and humility in recognition of the Real Presence. When you enter the chapel, you may borrow any of the reading material on the table by the door. Before seating or kneeling in a pew, genuflect to recognize Christ in your midst. What you chose to do after that – pray, read, reflect – is your personal decision and between you and our Lord!
For more information or questions about Eucharistic Adoration, please contact Marianne Hagerty at Mariannehagerty@yahoo.com


Commitment to service is an integral part of our mission. Service opportunities are abundant through parish and school organizations such as youth group and Student Council.