St. Peter Grade School

Educating the “Whole Child”

Our curriculum focuses on educating the “Whole-Child” (Spiritually, Intellectually, Social-Emotionally, and Physically) in accordance with the developmental needs of their age. With each stage of development, a strong emphasis is placed on respect and the value of each student as a child of God.

Integration, continuity, articulation and balance of our curriculum are considerations in the implementation of the St. Peter school program.

Many opportunities exist for student participation in the following:

  • Ambassador Outreach Participation with students servings as school guides to visitors and dignitaries
  • School Plays and Bellarmine Speech Team
  • Student Council Representation
  • School Band and Choir
  • Catholic Youth Council (CYC) team competition with other St. Louis Archdiocesan schools
  • Parish Boy and Girl Scout Troops
  • American Heritage Girls

A Pillar in the Kirkwood Community

As one of the oldest parish communities in the St. Louis Archdiocese, St. Peter School is housed in a three-story brick building near the heart of downtown Kirkwood, where parishioners frequent dozens of local boutiques and restaurants. With our centrally-located location, St. Peter and its students are an integral part of the vibrant Kirkwood community.

Tree Keepers Educational Program

A noted feature of the charming Kirkwood neighborhoods is the established tree-lined streets. Parent volunteers participate in an educational program at the Fourth Grade level for St. Peter students to recognize all local tree species and their functions. This curriculum-based program which provides information about the local ecosystem is offered exclusively to Kirkwood-area students.